Practice Areas


Corporate and Business 

We provide all legal services relating to the day to day operation of your business.  

This means having General Counsel for your business, an experienced attorney who will take your call, answer your email, and provide timely assistance. By having General Counsel, you avoid mistakes and costly litigation.

Our representation also entails the review and drafting of business documents, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and employment agreements.  We advise clients seeking to purchase and sell businesses.  We will assist you in every step from negotiations at the beginning of the transaction to the final closing date to achieve your goals. 

Labor and Employment

Our experience in representing clients on both the employer and employee side gives us valuable insight into every employment issue that our clients face in the public and private sectors. With that insight and experience we know how best to protect and enforce employee's rights and how best to protect employers from litigation involving claims of age, sex, disability and other forms of discrimination.       


Sometimes it is necessary to engage in litigation to enforce or defend your rights, or to resolve business disputes. We provide representation in State and Federal Courts and before various public agencies. Our knowledge, experience, thoroughness, combined with our negotiating skills, will serve your interests well in the most cost effective manner possible. 

Real Estate

We represent clients in commercial and residential property transactions, commercial leasing, and the development of properties.